Nutrient Budgeting and Mapping

Gone are the days when you can blanket spread and rate the same blend across the whole property.fetsmart-logo

One of the biggest efficiencies that can be gained in any farm fertiliser program is to target the soil requirement according to the paddock nutrient status and crop/pasture requirement.

The whole farm nutrient budgeting and mapping approach highlights areas where savings can be made from reducing or eliminating fertiliser applications where the soil nutrient status is high. More importantly the process helps identify the areas of the farm where potential production gains can be made by rectifying any soil nutrient or chemical issues which may be limiting production.

The program is available for all livestock and cropping properties.

For dairy enterprises the program is run under the Fert$mart program which offers a comprehensive nutrient budgeting and mapping program which also includes best management practices for efficient effluent recycling.



Sample Nutrient Map

Nutrient maps are an ideal way to highlight areas of low or high fertility.