Soil Testing

The comprehensive soil, plant and water testing service carried out by AgAssist is done using ASPAC and NATA laboratories with all sample locations geo-referenced for accurately monitoring nutrient levels over time.

The advice provided by AgAssist is based on published soil and plant science research to economically maximise potential crop and pasture yields whilst minimising any risks of nutrient losses to the environment.

All recommendations are carried out by a Fertcare C accredited advisor using a Fertcare accredited decision support system.

The soil testing service caters for pasture, broad acre and horticultural crops with subsoil chemical and physical tests carried out when required using a deep soil testing probe.

For new horticultural developments, AgAssist offers a comprehensive soil testing service using EM38 maps as a guide for extensive top and subsoil testing.

The service caters from both conventional and organically accredited farming systems.

AgAssist offers a deep soil coring service which can test to 1.5 meters. This service is ideal for new horticulture development as well as deep soil nitrate testing.


Waypoint Map

All sample waypoints are geo-referenced for easy and accurate monitoring of paddock nutrient status over time.

Sample Report

All soil, plant and water reports are in a easy to read format.