Horticultural Soil Testing Service

Soil testing service for existing and new horticulture developments

AgAssist provides a service for customers who are in the horticulture development phase to identify the suitability and capabilities of soils within the development area.

Knowing your soils capabilities is essential for irrigation, drainage and crop planting design as well as determining required pre-planting nutrients and amendments.

Prior to any new horticulture investment is critical to soil test (topsoil and subsoil) to know what you are up against so you can make important planting and crop management decision.


Topsoil Texture Map

Soil mapping involves identifying both topsoil and subsoil zones which are used for block layout, drainage design and developing capital lime and phosphorus budgets.

Ute with GPS

Once the soil zones are identified they are located within the paddock for testing using a GPS system.












Each of the soil zones are tested using a hydraulic deep soil probe to collect topsoil and subsoil samples.











Soil Cores

Soil capabilities are identified according to soil type, structure, drainage and chemical analysis.