Property Mapping

Property maps are an essential tool for every farm particularly for planning activities, giving directions to visitors or marking out paddocks for contractors.

Farm maps can vary in detail depending on the needs of the customer.

Where a high level of accuracy is required AgAssist uses RTK GPS (1cm accuracy) which is ideal for as-installed infrastructure mapping, elevation mapping and horticultural block layout.

Below is a list of typical infrastructure and features which can be included on maps:

  • Paddock boundaries with names and areas
  • Property boundaries
  • Buildings
  • Roads
  • Creek and Rivers
  • Contours
  • Titles
  • Power and telephone lines
  • Irrigation infrastructure
  • Tanks, dams, waterholes and troughs
  • Nutrient levels and soil types.
  • Land class/capabilities
  • Shelterbelts
  • Internal and external roads and tracks
  • Hazards and other points of interest like tank fill points

Hard copy property maps can range in sizes from A4 to large wall posters and can also be provided in a PDF format for printing and emailing.

Maps can also be provided in a format which allows you to view on Google earth on your computer or compatible phone.

The mapping service also includes infrastructure planning like preliminary irrigation infrastructure design and ground truthing.

Once the maps have been produced other farm production information such as pasture growth rates, stocking rates and gross margins can be overlayed on the maps.

Sample Paddock Map

Paddock maps are an essential tool for planning.

Sample Paddock Map 2

Maps can be overlayed over orthorectified aerial images.